Terms & conditions

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Terms & conditions


  1. The promotion runs from 3rd February 2020 to 30th November 2020.

  2. To qualify the patient must pay for a complete pair of spectacles at full price including the cost of the frame (the qualifying pair).

  3. Once qualified for the offer the patient can receive a complimentary pair on a second pair of lenses, which must include a Crizal Easy UV or Crizal Sun UV coating and have an index of 1.50, anything out of this range can qualify for 50% off retail price of a second pair of lenses. 

  4. Once qualified for the offer the patient can receive 50% off the retail price of a second pair of lenses, which must include Crizal UV coating.

  5. If the qualifying pair is single vision for distance, intermediate or reading then the second pair must be to the identical prescription as the first pair.

  6. If the qualifying pair is varifocals then the second pair may be varifocals or single vision glasses to the distance, intermediate or near vision prescriptions.

  7. Both pairs must be Crizal UV lenses for the same patient.

  8. If 50% offer pricing is available it will be applied to the pair with the lower price.

  9. This promotion cannot be used for single lens order.

  10. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  11. Special lenses and special Rx lenses are excluded from the promotion.