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A comfortable, convenient alternative

Whether you’re a first timer, have tried contact lenses before or are looking for your annual contact lens check, our optometrists offer a comprehensive contact lens consultation. If your vision and eye health is suitable, we can then help find the perfect contact lenses for you and your lifestyle, giving you convenience and comfort beyond your spectacles at an affordable price.

During your consultation

Contact lens consultations happen during or after your eye test. We’ll discuss your prescription, eye health and lifestyle and then, if suitable, tailor a contact lens solution that is just right for you.

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Constantly improving technology

The materials used in contact lenses are always improving. Previous concerns of dry eyes, astigmatism or high prescription are mostly a thing of the past! It might take a few consultations, but we should be able to find a lens that works for you.

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A guide to contact lenses

Before you leave our consultation, we’ll teach you how to insert, remove and care for your lenses, ensuring you’re fully comfortable and confident with your new contact lenses. Don’t worry if you forget anything! Our online guide can refresh your memory.

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Contact lens care

Contact lens care is our monthly direct debit plan for contact lenses. As well as having your contact lenses delivered to your door without the hassle of paying and collecting each month, you will benefit from a free annual contact lens check and free aftercare.

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Book a contact lens consultation

To explore the freedom that comes with contact lenses or book an annual contact lens check, please get in touch with our highly trained optometrists.