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Choosing the best lenses for your glasses

We know that choosing lenses can feel overwhelming, and this is why at John Fell Opticians we take a completely individual approach to you, your lifestyle and your vision needs.

We sell only the best branded lenses, including Essilor and Zeiss, so you can enjoy the latest technology on offer. Whether you wear glasses every day or just for specific activities, our opticians will help you make the right lens choice for you.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses have just one focal range that corrects for a single viewing distance. Available in plus or minus form, single vision lenses are best used for either distance, intermediate or near use. Our Essilor, Zeiss and Shamir ranges have great options for single vision lenses.

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Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal lenses are often described as the closest thing to natural vision. Providing the wearer with distance, immediate and near fields of vision, these lenses replace the need to have potentially three different pairs of spectacles and are highly recommend for people who require sharp vision at various distances.

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Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are designed to help people who need both near and farsighted vision correction. They combine two prescriptions into a single lens, with the upper section designed to improve distance or intermediate focal range, and the lower section designed for near vision, such as reading and screen work.

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Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are ideal for those with an outdoor lifestyle or light sensitive eyes. They block 100% of UV rays at all time, filter light and reduce glare and eye fatigue. The latest technology reacts to light conditions to provide everyday clear lenses while indoors and darker lenses when appropriate outside.

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Whether you require a fashion or sport lens, we have a full range of available sunglasses tints. From graduated lenses that emphasise your eyes, to polarised lenses that dramatically reduce glare from the sun on bright surfaces, all of our tinted lenses block UV light in even the most extreme conditions.

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Crizal UV

Crizal UV lenses are the forefront of Essilor lens technology. They are smudge, scratch, dust and water resistant, and reduce glare not just from the sun but from screens and car headlights too. With market-leading UV protection and the best E-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) available on a clear lens, Crizal UV is an all-round winner.

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