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  • Q1 How often should I have an eye test?

    Below 40 years of age, we recommend that you have a sight test at least every 2 years. Above 40 or if there is any history of eye disease in your family, you should have a test every year.

    You can often underestimate how important a regular eye examination is. Everyday situations such as using a computer, watching television and driving can all put a strain on your eyes so it is important to have a regular check-up. An eye test can help detect eye conditions like long or short sightedness and eye disease before you notice the effect on your sight.

  • Q2 What's involved in a John Fell eye test?

    After asking you a few questions on your vision, general health, family, work and lifestyle, our opticians will examine your eyes for the following:

    Vision quality

    Unaided and aided (with any glasses or contacts you already use) vision

    Eye muscle performance and health

    Internal eye health

    Front of eye health – eye fluid pressure

    Further tests for depth perception, colour vision and visual field may also be performed if required, and in selected stores retinal screening is available too. All these tests are carried out using the very best in eye examination technology and with your John Fell optician providing step by step explanations, so that you know what’s involved at each stage.

  • Q3 Do I need to know my prescription when visiting a John Fell store?

    If you are already a John Fell customer, we will be able to check your records from any of our stores. If you’re new to John Fell, you’ll need to have an eye examination with one of our skilled optometrists (unless you have a valid, in-date prescription from a qualified practitioner).

  • Q4 Can I reschedule or cancel my eye test?

    Yes you can reschedule or cancel your eye appointment but you need to contact the store before and let them know.

  • Q5 Where is the OCT available?

    Just the Mickleover store.

  • Q6 Where is Retinal Screening available?

    Retinal screening is available in all our stores.

    • Mickleover
    • Ashbourne
    • Castle Donington
  • Q7 Where is my nearest John Fell store?

    To find your nearest store and their contact details, just visit our contact page.

  • Q8 What brands do you sell at John Fell?

    We sell a vast array of the most desirable brands from Gucci and Tom Ford to Ted Baker and Valentino.

  • Q9 Can you repair my glasses?

    Yes, but it depends on the damage and the type of repair needed. Most stores can replace screws free of charge and conduct a free service on your spectacles. In some cases, where spectacles are badly damaged, a new pair will need to be purchased.

  • Q10 Do you have different types of lenses?

    Yes, we sell single vision lenses, varifocal lenses, bifocal lenses and transitions lenses. Our experts in store will help find the perfect lens for you and your frames.

  • Q11 Do you have prescription sunglasses?

    Yes, in most instances we can put your recommended prescription in your chosen pair of sunglasses; however, it is not possible in all styles.

  • Q12 How can I ensure the glasses I want will fit me properly?

    When selecting your glasses, our skilled teams will assist you in choosing a suitable frame for your visual, lifestyle and vocational needs. Any necessary adjustments will be made upon collection of your new glasses. If they are anything less than a perfect fit, pop into one of our John Fell stores for a complimentary fitting and adjustment.

  • Q13 Are contact lenses suitable for me?

    Contact lenses can be a great choice for many people. Recent advances in lens design mean that contact lenses are comfortable, offer better vision and are more affordable than ever before. To find out which contact lens is suitable for you, please book an eye examination today.

  • Q14 What are the benefits of wearing contact lenses?

    Contact lenses offer freedom from wearing glasses, look more natural and provide an unobstructed view and are suitable for people of all ages who live an active lifestyle. They are great for sports, dancing, driving and many other activities. You’re also able to wear your choice of sunglasses with contact lenses.

  • Q15 When can children start wearing contact lenses?

    Even young children can wear contact lenses and research has shown they can be very successful. Freedom from glasses can boost children’s self-confidence, as well as allowing them to participate fully at school, at sports and at play. For the best advice, please book an appointment or go into your nearest store where one of our qualified opticians will be able to help.

  • Q16 Do I need a prescription to buy contact lenses?

    Yes, you need a valid and in-date prescription for contact lenses. Contact lenses come in many designs and only an optometrist or eye specialist is qualified to know and recommend which lens and prescription is right for you.

  • Q17 Can I use my spectacle prescription to buy contact lenses?

    No. A contact lens prescription is different from a spectacle prescription.

  • Q18 What types of contact lenses are available from John Fell?

    We stock all types of contact lenses, including daily disposals, monthly wear, gas permeable and coloured lenses.

  • Q19 Which care procedures are most important when it comes to looking after my contact lenses?

    It’s important to follow all recommended procedures but some hygiene measures are crucial. Always wash and dry your hands before touching your lenses.

    If you wear daily disposable lenses apply a fresh lens directly from the pack and discard after each use.

    If your lenses are re-usable, rub and rinse them with solution before you put them on your eyes and before you store them.

    Make sure you empty the lens case after each use, clean and air dry it and replace the case regularly.

    Never use tap water to store, clean or rinse your lenses or case. Only use the solution recommended by your practitioner and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Q20 What sort of eye problems can occur with contact lenses?

    Occasionally you may experience mild discomfort or redness with your lenses.

    If discomfort is caused by a dirty, dusty or damaged lens, or by the lens being inside out, symptoms usually improve when the lens is removed.

    In almost all cases of infection remove your contact lenses and contact your optician.

  • Q21 How can I get the best out of my lenses?

    Visit our contact lens guide page for our advice on how to make the most of your contact lenses, or book a contact lens consultation with one of our skilled optometrists to discuss your lenses further.

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