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What is retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging is the process of taking a high-definition digital scan of the back of your eyes. This captures vital information about the health of your eye, including the optic nerve, retinal blood vessels and your ‘macula’, the area responsible for detailed focusing. We always use the latest technology and equipment in our retinal imaging to make sure we have a comprehensive overview of your eye health.

Why do I need retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging can detect certain diseases like macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma far earlier than ordinary eye testing. Even if you’re not experiencing or at risk of any eye health issues, retinal imaging can provide a valuable baseline for all future tests so we can better spot any important changes in your eye health.

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How does retinal imaging work?

Retinal imaging is entirely painless and simple. It’s just a photograph of your eyes with a highly detailed microscope! Eye drops are usually not required, although we’ll advise you if they are at that point. All John Fell Opticians have state of the art retinal imaging equipment as standard, and our Mickleover branch also has a highly advanced OCT scanner.

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