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Caring for your vision

Eye care encompasses everything you do to look after the health of your eyes and eyesight. From eye examinations through to finding the perfect lenses and frames for clear, comfortable vision, we take the time to ensure that all aspects of your eyesight are expertly looked after.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are an essential check on your eye health and an important first step in looking after your eyesight. We look at every customer’s personal and family history to make sure our tests are thorough and you receive the care that you need.

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Contact Lens Consultation

Alongside your eye test, we can offer a contact lens consultation to assess if contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. A comfortable and convenient alternative, contact lenses can provide the freedom of clear vision without glasses.

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Children’s Eye Tests

As 80% of a child’s learning comes through sight, testing your child’s vision and making sure their eyes are healthy is vital to their development. Our experienced opticians have been providing eye health care for the whole family since 1986.

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Retinal Imaging & OCT

Retinal imaging is a very important baseline of your eye health. The latest retinal imaging equipment is standard in all John Fell Opticians, accurately checking for important eye health conditions like macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma.

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NHS Sight Test

Certain customers are entitled to a free NHS sight test and optical vouchers to help with the costs of glasses or contact lenses. If you meet the required criteria, you can claim your sight test or use your optical vouchers in one of our stores.

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Eye Conditions

Regular eye tests and retinal imaging can help diagnose important eye health conditions before symptoms fully present themselves. By diagnosing these conditions early, you can help preserve and often improve your eye health and vision.

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Book an appointment

The easiest way to look after your eye health is to book an appointment to see one of our highly skilled optometrists.