Top 3 Places to Visit

December 12, 2018 | By Joe Fell

From wrapping up warm and hiking through the highlands, to strolling the historical streets of a Mediterranean island, there's nothing quite like travelling to explore a new place. With less tourists and the benefit of lower,off-season prices visiting new and extraordinary places allows you to experience the wonders of some fascinating historical parts of the world.

With it's quaint, historical background, bitter chills and scenic views, Loch Lomond is one of the most stunning and natural places to visit in Scotland.

Voted the sixth greatest natural wonder in Britain comes as no surprise. It's 22.6 miles long and between 1-5 miles wide, the surrounding highlands area is home to red deer and oak woodlands. On the eastern shore, footpaths and cycle trails criss-cross craggy Ben Lomond mountain and the smaller Conic Hill. Across the loch, Luss Heritage Path winds through rolling countryside and ancient Luss village, with it's stone cottages.

One thing is for certain, this eye catching scenery will take your breath away.

The Dune of Pilat

The Dune of Pilat (Dune du Pilat), is the tallest sand dune in Europe. It is located in La Teste-de-Buch in the Arcachon Bay area, France, 60 km from Bordeaux. Now, we all love the moment when we get the chance to sit on a beach, put our sunglasses on and just relax, not caring for anything. Well, this place is significantly different to your average beach trip. The dune has a volume of about 60,000,000m³, measuring around 500m wide from east to west and 2.7 km in length from north to south. It's heigh is currently 110 meters above sea level. Not only is this place stunning during sunset but adventure before these dunes is spectacular.

On route to these dunes you can visit small local villages, reading through all their history soaking in their culture, tasting the local food and wine. This trip is some what incredible to not only the eye but to the mind as well.

Mdina, Malta, a place steeped in history and one that is close to my heart. This beautiful city is full of magical and colourful streets, making this my top pick of places to visit. Known as the 'silent city,' take in the sights and peaceful silence of Mdina, there are few coffeeshops for those who like to read a book or enjoy a mysterious evening stroll through the narrow streets discovering new nooks and crannines to explore. This beautiful city is the highest point in Malta, sharing a view of the whole island, which opens the opportunity to exploring the island through the naked eye, embracing each and every small village steeped in history that Malta has to offer.

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